The American Legion
Veterans – Defense - Americanism – Youth
Membership is important not only to our post but to the State
and National organizations. Each year, the number of
our members and programs for veterans and communities
are reported to Congress. Truly, there is strength
in numbers, positively affecting proposed legislation
for veterans’ benefits. Stand up and show your support
for our veterans, as well as the men and women
fighting the war on terror, by renewing your membership today.
Thank You
POST 70 MEETINGS 2nd MONDAY of the month @ 7:00pm
S.A.L MEETINGS 1st WEDNESDAY of the month @ 6:00pm
AUXILIARPY MEETINGS 2nd WEDNESDAY of the month @ 6:00pm
A.L.R. MEETINGS 1st THURSDAY of the month @ 7:00pm
JAN 2nd FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30pm
                                            JAN 5th AUXILIARY MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                            JAN 6TH BAND (THEN  AGAIN)@ 8-PM
                                            JAN 9TH FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30PM            
                                            JAN 12TH S.A.L / ALR MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                            JAN 13TH BAND (GHOST RIDERS)@ 8PM  
                                            JAN 16TH FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30PM  
                                            JAN19TH AUXILIARY MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                            JAN 20TH BAND (CRAIG KENDALL UNLEASHED@8PM 
                                            JAN 23RD FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @6:30PM
                                            JAN 26TH POST MEEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                            JAN 27TH BAND (VISITORS) @8PM
                                            JAN 30TH FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30PM
                                             FEB 1ST  ALR NOMINATIONS @7PM
                                             FEB 2ND AUXILIARY MEET RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             FEB 3RD BAND ( STUCK IN TIME) @ 8PM
                                             FEB 6TH FIREBARN BINGO RT- 286 @ 6:30PM
                                             FEB 9TH S.A.L / ALR MEET RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             FEB 10TH VELENTINES DANCE ( CLASSIC FIVE) @ 8PM
                                             FEB 12TH POST NOMINATIONS@ 7PM
                                             FEB 13TH FIREBARN BINGO RT-286 @ 6:30PM
                                             FEB 14TH AUXILIARY NOMINATIONS @ 6PM
                                             FEB 16TH AUXILIARY MEAR RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             FEB 17TH BAND  (VISITORS) @ 8PM
                                             FEB 20TH FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30PM
                                             FEB 23RD POST MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             FEB 24TH BAND (CLASSIC INVASION) @ 8PM
                                             FEB 27TH FIREBARN BINGO - 286 @ 6:30PM
MARCH 2018
                                             MARCH 1ST NOM / ELECTIONS ALR @ 7PM
                                             MARCH 2ND AUXILIARY MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             MARCH 3RD BAND (THEN AGAIN) @ 8PM
                                             MARCH 6TH FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30
                                             MARCH 7TH NOM / ELECTIONS S.A.L @ 6PM
                                             MARCH 9TH S.A.L / ALR MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             MARCH 10TH (GHOST RIDERS) @ 8PM
                                             MARCH 12TH NOM / ELECTIONS POST @ 7PM
                                             MARCH 13TH FIREBARN BINGO RT-286 @ 6:30 PM
                                             MARCH 14TH NOM / ELECTIONS AUXILIARY @ 6PM
                                             MARCH 16TH AUXILIARY MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             MARCH 17TH BAND (VISITORS) @ 8PM
                                             MARCH 20TH FIREBARN BINGO-RT 286 @ 6:30 PM
                                             MARCH 23RD POST MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             MARCH 24TH BAND ( CRAIG KENDALL UNLEASHED) @ 8PM
                                             MARCH 27TH FIREBARN BINGO RT- 286 @ 6:30PM
                                             MARCH 30TH AUXILIARY MEAT RAFFLE @ 6-8PM
                                             MARCH 31ST BAND (CLASSIC INVASION)@ 8PM
                                               "POST 70  Website"


The calendar of events and newsletter can now be

viewed and printed from our Post website.

If you no longer wish to receive a hard copy,

please email our Adjutant, Ernie Henry'

through the link provided.





If you are a Post Member and have not yet paid your 2018 dues, you are reminded to do so at your earliest convenience.

  • If you are an Auxiliary or a Son Member and have not yet paid your 2017 OR 2018 past dues you are reminded to do so at your earliest convenience so as not to lose your consecutive number of years. 2018 Dues should be paid no later than the end of December 2017.

"Special Event" 

Sponsored by the Post



.The Post Function Hall Rental - Full Service Kitchen & Bar included (Liquor License Required). Rental Cost is $300 with a $150 security deposit. For further info or availability, call the Post Wednesday - Sunday between 7:00 - 11:00 AM to speak to Alice. 


Meat Raffle Games - Friday's 6:00 - 8:00 PM
"See calendar for weekly entertainment."



Post Commander Frank Dugan

Post Adjutant  Ernie Henry

(603) 474-1031

Auxiliary sec/ treasurer- Kelly Frenette 603-262-0001

Raymond E. Walton

American Legion Post 70

P.O. Box 335

Seabrook, NH 03874